In ΔBCA, CA = 15 cm, CF = 7 cm, BH = 3 cm. Find the perimeter of ΔBCA. 25 cm 35 cm 36 cm 46 cm

Accepted Solution

Answer:The perimeter of the triangle is equal to 36 cmStep-by-step explanation:we know thatThe inscribed circle contained in the triangle BCA is tangent to the three sideswe have thatBF=BHCF=CGAH=AGstep 1Find CGwe know thatCF=CGsoCF=7 cmthereforeCG=7 cmstep 2Find AGwe know thatCA=AG+CGwe haveCA=15 cmCG=7 cmsubstitute15=AG+7AG=15-7=8 cmstep 3Find AHRemember thatAG=AHwe haveAG=8 cmthereforeAH=8 cmstep 4Find BFRemember thatBF=BHBH=3 cmthereforeBF=3 cmstep 5Find the perimeter of the triangleP=AH+BH+BF+CF+CG+AGsubstitute the valuesP=8+3+3+7+7+8=36 cm